While the same losing ways swirl between the base paths, the age-old land mark that is Wrigley Field has a new look.



Fans were given a first glimpse at the much-hyped rehab of the 98-year-old ball park on Thursday during the team’s season opener. While the first game at Wrigley never fails to stir emotions, this year’s did so for much different reasons.


The ability to sit on a patio and enjoy some mid-day baseball has finally been welcomed at Wrigley. Adjacent to the right-field bleachers sits the new Budweiser Patio Deck which brings a rooftop-like feel inside the Friendly Confines. 


The new configuration can host up to 150 fans in an attempt by the Ricketts family to create a new revenue stream at Wrigley. While the ‘party deck’ drew lots of eyes, most of the new-look attention was directed towards what sits directly below the patio.


The ‘old’ Wrigley feel is not as prevalent by any means, but who says that’s a bad thing? The Budweiser Patio deck includes a 75-foot LEC sign hanging just above the right-field wall. Some traditionalistic fans may be skeptical of the new features – but, it is certainly not the worst addition.


The Sign renovates the Wrigley atmosphere with capabilities to display game information that includes pitch count, photos of players and statistics while still leaving the nostalgic soaked fans without replay.


The future seems to be started at Wrigley in a multitude of ways. Between-inning commercials now steal the attention of patrons but, the ultimate goal remains generating buzz by the on field play rather than the park’s new features.